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Nov 22, 2005
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I`M looking fora new tv for my lads bedroom pref 40inch i found this site but wondered if anyone has had any dealings with it or heard of it , don`t want to buy from a dodgy site and have loads of trounble

not too clever on tv prices but this seems cheap so was wondering whats the catch??
i gather that the new tvs are 1080p but i`m not fussed if this tv is just old stock ? it lokks ok to me but any advice is very much appreciated
not sure on price, but you cant go wrong with panasonic, and a plasma to boot as well, the only problem with plasmas is screen image retention, if you leave it on a static screen the image can be retained for while, its not noticeable unless you view a black screen and you can see a small ghost of the previous screen.

i swear by plasmas , i have an LG as my main viewer and have done for the past 8 years or so.

they are heavier, use slightly more eleccy than an LCD and suffer a bit from the image retention.

but in general they will make SD picture quality much better than LCD`s SD piccy quality.

they display HD content just the same as LCD.

its all about the quality of your telly and panny`s make the best plasma`s in the world.

pixmania, massive company, very well known, have heard of bad experience with after sales support though and returns.

1080p , dont worry about it too much, if your buying it as a budget telly you wont notice the lack of it, and depsite what it says on the side of the box i bet it will output in 1080p anyways, as mine is hd ready yet it will display 1080p content no problem, much to the dismay of my mate who got the panny £1200 and i paid £500 for my 50" lg and he reckons the piccy quality is not that much different to his telly, certainly not worth the extra £700........

you wont get ripped off, but if something goes wrong it may take longer to sort out than say amazon etc ...........
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u cant go much wrong with the panasonic viera range .
BRILLIANT tv`s , and built to last !
cheers for info guys i hve read a few reviews on site and some good some bad? seems deliver people r most of probs and i know 1st hand that DHL can be pretty useless , mite take a chance with this one though cos price is very good! tesco and asda u can only get 32inch for that price and i noticed that ther is £30 shipping fee on top as well, but still alot cheaper than in uk , not in a hurry for it so mite do a bit more research on site b4 jumping in , thanx again for info guys
Aliright mate I ordered of pixmania online was showing in stock,checked online saying waitinf for delivery out of stock.Phoned them up they either wait or get a refund. waited week then cancelled blaggerssaid two days delivery.Ended up getting currys to price match richersounds lg pk590 50 inch tv @ £640 pick up at store.By the way pixmania is part of currys?
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Just thought I would let you know - when I bought my Panasonic Viera from John Lewis, they price matched and give standard 5 year warranty on all their TV's!
cheers again guys really good advice from u still not sure wether to buy local (any probs easier to sort it ) will av a look at getting a price match on wat i buy though thats wat my brother-in law did and worked thats again guys
Pixmania is based in the channel islands and sells imported goods.They do this so they dont have to pay the government taxes. They are not recognised by the UK service agencies as a registered reseller so your guarantee is solely with them.

They do have stock so you will get the product. Sony are about to trash their uk prices and offer the 5 year guarantee so holding out for a kdl40ex403 at a silly price would be my advice.

John lewis was mentioned in this thread, bear in mind that JL 5 year guarantee is a bit poor as it is a decreasing value one that works on a 20% overall drop in payout every year so if it cost £1000 and goes wrong in year 5 they will credit £200 against a new set and you will have to pay the remainding £800. Go and have a chat to your local independant dealer