New to this

first thing is to get the bk and ird of the box mate

well i dont even have a card for tyhis box at the mo
i have the card which is in my other box from telewest but it doesnt work in the other box
so what do i need to view all channels on this then
a list of all bits would be good :)

have a read through here mate

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allready read this still abit unsure so i need to program a card ?
you will need the bk and ird for the box first mate? also what area are you in?
edd said:
and if anyone could explain linux to me ???

linux is a unix based operating system, like windows only that it has a GUI in the form of x-window with KDE or GNOME or similar bolted on.
im starting to understand this all now ive got the ird and bk
and i have ordered a fun card and a programer so hopefully should be up and running soon
cheeers for all your help
Just out of interest , Im new to al this aswell,

Which card programmer did u get???

Im still undecided as to which one to go for - Dynamite or Infinity programmer?
Which works with nagraedit and will nagra edit let me reactivate my tit2 card (which has gone off !?!?!?!)

can anybody help???