NEW to the gym? Want a workout but dont know where to start?


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Jun 7, 2010
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Hi there folks. I'll start by introducing myself. My main sport is hockey, I started weight training when I was 14 and was playing at a national standard. My coach recommended building more strength in my legs so I could play closer to the ground and set me up with some resistance training exercises. From there I became hooked and got really serious with my local gym. From there I managed to get a job with the team of instructors and I am now qualified to instruct people as a P.T.

Obviously whenever someone comes into the gym and pays for a programme, we will work with them to find something that caters for their own specific needs. However there are a number of different 'generic' workouts that have been created that are great for beginners and people that just want to pick something up quickly and give it a go.

I will post up a number of different routines that we have in a folder in the gym. Very similar versions have also recently appeared in an iPhone app named iFitness (I'd imagine from the same source!).

If you dont know how to do any of the exercises mentioned then please just ask or use Google/Youtube, there are literally thousands of resources that can help you. Also, if someone doesnt like or feels uncomfortable doing any one of these exercises then feel free to ask and myself or someone else on the forum will be happy to give you an alternative move that works the same muscle group.
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Workout #1 Beginners

This is a nice easy one for you beginners to get started with. Perform each exercise with the biggest weight that you can lift for 12 repetions. Perform 3 sets of these 12 repetitions. Try to do this workout 3 times per week and mix in 3 other days of cardio.

This one is sourced from, if you need any more in depth info on how to do each exercise then it can all be found there!


Exercise #1 Decline Close Grip Chest Press


Exercise #2 Dumbell Pullover



Exercise #3 Machine Leg Press


Exercise #4 Machine Leg Extentions


Exercise #5 Machine Leg Curl



Exercise #6 Lat Pulldowns


Exercise #7 Cable Seated Low Row



Exercise #8 Bar Military Press



Exercise #9 SeatedTriceps Extension


Exercise #10 Dumbell Bicep Curls

#2 Weight Loss Programme


This workout program helps strip away the fat that (hopefully) is covering the built muscle underneath. There are few exercises meant to develop muscles such as the biceps and triceps that men love to shape - working out the bigger muscles helps burn the fat easier.

For this to work, you need to workout roughly 2-3 times a week and go through the following routine 2-3 times per workout. Start by doing 5 minutes of cardio to warmup, then go through each exercise in rapid succession. Do 5 more minutes of cardio, then go through the list again for the second or third time.

Exercise #1 Beginner Squat


Exercise #2 Lateral Pull Downs


Exercise #3 Barbell Bench Press


Exercise #4 Bulgarian Split Squat


Exercise #5 One Arm Row


Exercise #6 Ab Crunch On Ball


Exercise #7 Barbell Military Press (Can also be performed on Smiths Machine)


NOTE: I've never tried this one before, so if you decide to give it a go then let me know how it is!
I tried to do seated freeweight military press but feel it puts too much stress on my back, smiths machine gives lot more stability
I tried to do seated freeweight military press but feel it puts too much stress on my back, smiths machine gives lot more stability

I know what you mean, it feels quite uncomfortable. If you want the benefit of using your core stability then I'd recommend doing it standing up in a squat cage.

More workouts getting posted up tonight.
#3 Abdominal Six-Pack Defining Workout

Source: FF

Since a stronger core supports your spine, you can lift more weight in every exercise. Research also shows that stronger abdominal core muscles mean fewer lower back injuries as you age, not to mention better posture. Finally, who can argue with the great look and feel of having ripped abs?

The following routine helps you accomplish just that. Prior to performing the listed exercises though, remember to warm up for 3-5 minutes, at a relatively easy pace. Follow this up with a minute of running or cycling at your highest pace and rest for another minute prior to starting the routine.

The following list attempts to attack your abdominal muscles from different directions to continuously stimulate them. With time, substitute new exercises in from the list this site provides to prevent your body from growing accustomed.

Exercise #1 Kneeling Cable Crunch


Exercise #2 Pulse Up


Exercise #3 Side Crunch


Exercise #4 Oblique V - Up


Exercise #5 Back Raise


Exercise #6 V-Up


Exercise #7 Inclined Reverse Crunch

Hi mate, have you got a training regime for bulking up? 3-4days a week.

Hi mate, have you got a training regime for bulking up? 3-4days a week.


Have a look at the post your current workout thread. I would link but can't find how to copy URL on phone.

Eating is the most important thing, clean eating. I've put lots of weight on this year with a clean diet (still drink though) but put fat on as well. I'll sort that out later as I'm pleased with gains.