new to dreambox need some help please


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Mar 16, 2007
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Hi everyone, new to forums and dreambox purchased a 500c and a 500s living in the south of ireland would be grateful for any file help in this area.
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Have a read here and here...always a good place to start.

There are loads of tutorials in the download section. Have a read at those and if you have more questions, come back and we'll try to help you on a specific area.

There is just too much to tell you in one thread! You do know the 500C is for cable and the 500S is for satellite?
Thanks Devilfish have read all the links i think... I can ftp, telnet, load and flash img.s but i think there is a different file for my area.
Thanks I will try this let you know how I get on cheers
all the channels were picked up but no channels descrambled ?? do I have to add cams ??
Assuming you are on ntl cable then you havent flashed it properly. Do it once more (sometimes you need to do it twice) you shouldnt even need to scan.