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New show...The middleman


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Jul 30, 2006
This probably is not my kind of show as it seems daft but my wife will probably love it.

Fighting evil so you don't have to.

Wendy Watson is recruited by The Middleman as his protégée. The Middleman, a milk-guzzling comic-book-like superhero, protects humanity from the supernatural forces that lurk in the shadows.

Wendy Watson is thrust into the middle of a science experiment gone wrong while temping at a laboratory. Fortunately for Wendy, The Middleman, a crime fighting comic-book-like superhero, shows up to save the day.

Impressed by how Wendy handles herself when faced with danger, and in need of a colleague, The Middleman recruits Wendy into his secret organisation.

The Middleman is based on Javier Grillo-Marxuach's series of graphic novels.


Premiers 16th June so should be available in all the usual places on the 17th.