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Oct 12, 2006
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hi thinking of buying a new pink psp for my daughter is there any way of telling on box who firm ware ect it is because i want to roll back to 1.5
Sorry there's no way of telling off the box, try to purchase on from a shop that has a low turn over ie. not a major retailer. if you ask on fleebay they may tell you what firmware before you purchase. The new downgraders downgrade upto 3.03 with any main board, so you've got to be unlucky to get one you can't downgrade. Good luck!
go to a local computer fair console stall that may sell them,failing that u can always buy a pink casing
i dont know how upto date this is but can/could tell what firmware is on the psp from the code on the box :>>>>> psp firmware codes
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try here m8

Thank For Help Guys Thinking Ebay Might Be The Answer 1.5 Firmware Psp From Hong Kong Any Difference To Uk Psps
jap versions are supposed to have better screens but thats it i think.
mine was from japan and it's done everything i want it to with no probs ;)
this is really helpfull thanks guys will look on ebay i wonder how come they have new 1.5 firm ware psps as i thought sony stopped them or do you think there just rolled back