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new jag


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Mar 9, 2005
I stopped off at the Jaguar dealer to look at the latest model...took a walk round the car...loved its look and lines....thought I take a look inside the beast to see what was on offer....very impressive...in addition to the ususl..(air con, elec windows,parking proximity warning, cd player, leather seats etc) it also featured the latest in sat nav......unfortunatley at this point in my inspection I farted...a real double bugle...could hear it in Bulkington. I emerged from the interior to see a salesman stood by the car.....seeking to avoid my embarresment I asked him '' how much does this beauty cost ''

the salesman said '' I' m not telling you Sir ''

Much annoyed I demanded ''Why not? ''

''well Sir '' said the salesman '' when you looked at the car you farted ''

if I tell you how much it costs you' ll shit yourself''