New IPTV spiderbox


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Aug 8, 2001
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The edge.
out with the old, and all that lol, ok, hands up, who didnt see something like this coming??

The fist box will be a simple Box...

NO STB Sat or terrestrial or cable..

Only IP TV....( The next one need Little time to explain more)

This will be Nice Little box for most Funs of the Footy ...This box will including some channels even with Live footy...and can be so nice Any one can get with it and put on Ethernet and watch their foot from any please in the world....

This can be good even for people who do not have dish's or is not alowed...
this will be good that the card they will but for their system to watch footy can be 2-3 times more then the box and 12months subscription to this box for Ip tv....

Actually is my future ... haw to thinks much more easy...

a pre programmed slingbox type clone? connecting to an IPTV server hosting CS software as well??

my predictions are the same as for the spiderbox, and any other commercial type server scenario

itll be fantastic at first, then as more people are impressed with it, and more people get it, the server will overload more, untill, like the servers now, they start to fail. what a fluke that just as the servers start to buckle under the strain, something to guarantee viewing of the footy comes out

and the circle starts again, untill the next time.....
Yes I read about this too.

As I posted before, as it is totally relying on servers and his 'gift' server isn't very good (and that is putting it kindly) I won't be buying one of those.
Intresting concept...wonder how much bandwidth it uses considering it's transmitting recieving, audio, video etc...especially for the HD content....enough to hit the monthly fair usage policy on some ISP providers ? TalkTalk etc ??
Unfortunately i think the concept is due to failure or atleast at this moment in time..

With any real time streaming you are relying on a number of factors.
Bandwidth, Jitter, Bit rate, ping times to name but a couple.

To get a decent enough picture to appear on your 42" lcd or plasma, the quality of connection from a to b will have to be very good. As Digidude has also said, the more people that connect to these servers the greater chance you have of suffering from problems..

With real time services most operators will prioritise traffic in the network to alleviate congestion etc so that video services can run through the network independent of users heavy downloading etc. This is similar to how commercial video conferencing works. Home Broadband users will not have the same level traffic prioritisation so the stream will be bundled in with any other internet traffic.

Early adopters maybe happy enough initially, but expect pain in the long run

Think my dish will be in use for a long time yet
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If it wasn't that Darktwat was behind it I would be interested in this. Perfect for watching a bit of footy at work.
i thought we were satellite enthusiasts?, i posted over on a**** in the ip box thread saying i wouldnt touch one. for me actually recieving the signal from satellites not aimed at the uk with a large dish is part of the fun before trying to watch pay-tv for educational and experimental purposes. regards mdt
i thought we were satellite enthusiasts?, i posted over on a**** in the ip box thread saying i wouldnt touch one. for me actually recieving the signal from satellites not aimed at the uk with a large dish is part of the fun before trying to watch pay-tv for educational and experimental purposes. regards mdt

Well said. My thoughts exactly.
i posted over there because most off his sites members should we say are a bit lacking upstairs. they did not get the jest off the type off box he is flogging and how it works, like how big off dish do i need and the like, the type off internet speed you need to get a good stable picture, will my mobile dongle work it and such mind blowing dumb questions do these people not no how to use google, or do they just love all Drackman to bits???? none off his supermods could give any advise cos they too no its a bad move, and will be banning people for saying its a bag off crap when they do not get it to work. which it will not unless you have a 20mb+ connection.
Just being having a read on the darkboy forum...he reckons you only need a 2 - 5 meg Internet connection for good quality picture. Thats actually not bad if it;s true...
Still bound to clock up the upload/downloads though so still might not be good for providers that have fair usage policies, download limits etc.
The idea is good though if the servers dont get overloaded...literally plug and dish, no feed required...just broadband and a TV...
Any guesses on what the price is going to be ? In theory the hardware itself should be very cheap to produce...considering there is no tuner doubt most of the price will be for the "gift" and of course...profits..
for proper IPTV you need to have good quality encoders/decoders at the head end. Most good quality IPTV services rely on a number of factors. These IPTV services are generally provided by your local ISP as the limits on congestion,latency etc can be better handled.

What we have here now, is not true IPTV but TV Streaming. As per my previous post, this stream (suspect it comes from Albania or some other country) will be highly susceptible to congestion, latency, errors as no one single ISP will be handling the quality of service controls needed to run a proper IPTV service.

It may start off great ... but won't be long before people notice issues.

I know that it is mentioned that it will be showing footy, so this 'IPTV' may well be the Tring TV IP offering .. they provide IPTV service within a fibre ring in Tirana ... now thats great because you are not limited by bandwidth and i suspect Tring also have controls in place to monitor the quality of service.

But they don't have fibre to every home throughout the world ... so if they are using Tring IPTV then its going to be streaming.

So, Check your ISP download caps, check your ping times between yourself and Albania and we'll see how itgoes ..

Obviously the last bit about TringTV and Albania is pure hyperbole on my behalf ..until more technical details come out about the new box ... we'll be none the wiser on how it will work
so even a 3rd world country has a fibre network and we do not how sad is that for a start???? yes i know we have a bit off one but come on we do not all live in them very few areas that have. This box is doomed from the start if they cannot get the spiderbox server working for the gift and service+ wot chance have they got off streaming live tv over the net to lots off people over here eeerrrrr none or just the drackman so he can post picture off is setup working so it must be all fine and dandy
conchoblair is right...I have worked for a network provider..and generally for customers who have critical data i.e: video and VOIP, they pay extra for that traffic to be marked COS1 or COS2 in effect given higher priority over other traffic through the network core and distribution layers. (quality of service and class of service technoligies)
Traffic that is standard non-critical is COS3 or COS4...i.e: best efforts delivery...maybe dropped if there is network congestion. With something like IPTV in the sense of rhe Darkman offering...he has no control over your ISP's network and traffic will almost certainly be bundled with standard non critcial "web traffic", in effect best efforts delivery..if the network is not congested or busy and has bandwidth available it will probably work OK. If however there is congestion etc...traffic will be dropped obviously TCP/IP has mechanisms for redelivery of dropped packets...this still means you wil get breakup/lag etc.. a bit like having a faulty tuner...
heavy traffic at say 2.55pm till 6pm on a saturday will kill the box dead loads off unhappy people watching stutter tv and missing the goals. we will just have to wait and see
Yes, the proof of the puding is in the eating. But I would let others tast it first.
The price on the IPTV Spiderbox was supposed to be announced yesterday...looks like the announcement has been delayed though...
On his shop it is priced at 339 pounds as a package (iptv receiver that can receive arabic, turkish, kurdish, somalian, afghanistan and more channels without any dish).

A lot more than I had expected and far too much.

And everyone was of course hoping for an iptv receiver that can receive arabic, turkish, kurdish, somalian and afghanistan channels. Not. Lol.