New File Added: TSMedia OE 2.0 Images ( VU DUO OpenPLI 3.0 etc)


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May 2, 2007
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TSMedia OE 2.0 Images ( VU DUO OpenPLI 3.0 etc)

TSmedia enigma2 plugin 1.3 - By MFaraj SIM2 Team -

complete management of internet media mainly IPTV,internet radio,movies,tv shows,tv series ,youtube

new group netmedia created and include for now youtube
-different style for presentation of youtube videos
-search is available
-classical sorting for videos(top rated,featured..)
-add more 6 customized user playlists,so user is able to add his favorites clips on pc to his playlist and watch them immediatley on TV through TSmedia
-many selective groups added to list
-settings is available to customize the videos for countries and lanaguage,also include adding any playlist username

-Inlcude IPTV,Movies on demand,radio online,TV series and Tv shows
-Favorite group to let user to add his favorite items here
-The user is able to export any stream entered to user_stream group to bouquet format to browse as any dvb channel
-self upgradable plugin
-updatable IPTV,radio collections and user_uploads
-search and sorting available form movies,tv series and tv shows
-subtitle player included for translation
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