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May 2, 2005
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J-Runner Programmer on Windows 8

Okay, so Microsoft has just released Windows 8. Great!

So you install it and everything is great and your enjoying your new OS when all of a sudden you need to use J-Runner, but J-Runner doesn't seem to recognize your Programmer. So we need to fix that.

So if you go to device manager (right-click in the bottom left corner)

Then choose to install it by right clicking on J-Runner and choosing update then "Browse my computer..."

Click Browse then choose the drivers location which is in the J-Runner Folder/Common/Drivers

Then click next..
And you get an error message

Basicly the error message is saying the driver file does not match its signature, so we need to skip the signature check

So go to the start screen and type in "adv", then click on "Settings on the right-hand side, then "Advanced start-up

From now on you might want to write these instructions down as you will need to restart the computer.

From the next screen choose "Troubleshoot", then choose "Advanced options", then "Start up settings" and finally "Restart"

Your computer will now restart and there will be a list of options on the screen, Press F7 and windows will load

Once windows has loaded you will need to go back to Device manager

Choose "Update driver" again and do the same as last time.

This time you will get a red window

Choose "Install this driver software anyway" and you will get a successfully installed message

There, the programmer has been installed

Now to test it out
The JR logo is there!

Everything is complete!!!

I hope this was clear and easy enough to understand......

Big Thnaks to Team Xecuter for the tut
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May 18, 2005
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think I'll be sticking 8 on tomorrow...... I thought you were called "spud" not