New Dreambox Images coming here soon


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Mar 18, 2005
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Just a heads up for those members who dont know..

Pi² Dreambox Image

Managed to (trial and bloody error lol) get evocamd installed and working on this image and it WORKS wohoo.

Not going to post it just yet as I want to ffiddle with it a little more but will upit within the next few days hopefully

As it's the first image I have done the emu on myself I want to gloat a little lol

It looks good too..

Also been able to get a Hydra image up and running but these are ALL still being tested a little before we release them here for you lot.

Its also important to note that these images will probably require you to install cams/keys yourself (we'll obviously give you the instructions etc) dont want to get into it too much but there are a number of issues with posting cams & keys that we need to finalise. It's unlikely this will apply to image backups but we need to make sure We'll keep you posted.