New dish laws


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Aug 10, 2001
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The government has laid revised planning regulations for the installation of antennae including satellite dishes in England. The changes are designed to aid access to digital television and broadband technologies.

These amended regulations take account of the wide variety of antennae technology now available so that all will be subject to the same permitted development regulations. The revised regime follows consultation carried out in 2003 and involves changes to the General Permitted Development Order (GPDO)

Planning minister Yvette Cooper said: "The planning system needs to adapt to take account of changing technology. People want to get access to wireless broadband services and digital and satellite TV. These changes remove some of the red tape around new technology by updating the planning rules, whilst keeping protections for the local environment."


two antennas will be permitted;

the size of the antennas will be restricted
the larger having a maximum of 100 cm in any linear direction and 35 litres cubic capacity by volume;
the smaller having a maximum of 60 cm and 35 litres cubic capacity by volume;

chimney-mounted antennas will also restricted to a maximum of 60 cm and 35 litres cubic capacity by volume.
the antennas will have certain siting restrictions:
no antenna should protrude above the roof if the premises does not have a protruding chimney;

if the premises has a protruding chimney, antennas may protrude up to 60 cm above the roof, or up to height of the chimney, whichever is the lower.

It is a condition of installing an antenna under both the current and revised regulations that it be sited in such a way so that it minimises its impact on the external appearance of the building.


So guys you can now tell ya neighbours and local council geek to get stuffed, regulations are finally made realistic in the UK. :Cheers:
woohoo, time to ring all my customers and offer them a bargain upgrade to a 1M dish ;)