new box have no ppv.


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Oct 21, 2005
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got a new box in tw area, it is the latest box but when i try to buy ppv it says unsuccessful any ideas. i had an older box b4 til it blew on the inside.
thanx.: maggie :
new box

new box i assume its a sammy redo the card and follow script below m8 it shud work then

locate 07-decrypt key(123) (5C3F)
change parity key 0 and 1 to all zeros.
now find spending limits.
change IRD status byte to 01.
now find standard tier (31)(i only have the one tier for channels)
change level to 01, save image on HD/Floppy etc.
now load to rom10 mosc.

This will not work if VOD has rolled out.. this is for CR3.2 and ppv is blank once ordered