New adventure (ish)


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Mar 4, 2006
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North West
Hi guys ( and gals) :)

Sorry seem to be asking lately more than helping.

I have been asked to service some kit from another company to look after which i can quite easily do,only problem is that they need an invoice for all work i do.

I can sort out the invoice easilyenough just a little concerned about how i go about with the tax man etc.

i got bummed a few years ago by ignoring a few letters from them over a couple of hundred qiud and it came back and bit me in the ass big style.

Im quite good with the hands on things but the total opposite with the paper side of it.

Dont really want to pay an accountant for that as i dont think theres thousands involved with what im up too.

Just looking for a bit of advice from anyne who has had a bash at gmaking a few quid (i have a full time job by the way) but not pi**ing anyone off.

Thanks in advance.