new 500 600 software

Digi, there is a tm-500 labelled image in the tm-600 section?
Sorry digi, but could you have a quick check,
in the TM-500 section is a TM-500 image
in the TM-500 super section there is a TM-500 super image
in the TM-600 section is a TM-500 image - it is not labled as TM-500 super!
Just dont want to try the wrong one,
hi m8

if you click on it, it says

TM-500 superTM-600_update-0909.img (8.0MB)

the normal 500 image is about 5.6MB
Thanks for that digi, I should have checked before posting! (as usual)
What's new in the firmware? Maybe something very important like a new boot logo or different skin, because I would be very surprised with itgate/technomate if a bug like 16:9 widescreen or cccam clients disconnection was actually fixed.