Neutrino (k-net2020) Backup Image problems...


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Jul 27, 2005
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Ok, i had no luck with DIY neutrino and this image is the nearest thing to working i have had in neutrino. i get some channels after flashing this image over, i have tried playing with the cam settings and auto update settings, pressing save settings, i then reboot the box and they have defaulted themselves back to original settings even though i saved them.......if i have partial channels then i should be ok to scan with this image, not so, it painfully goes through transponders but doesnt pick up any channels when its finished it just hangs on the service searching screen, i cant clear it.

I noticed with your image that when i have just flashed it over the channells all have (OW) after them....has anyone got this neutrino working on a dreambox in the surrey area ???
Ok, i went out and left the box scanning, it stopped at 25 transponders then started to pick up channells, after a restart all channells seem to be present that were not before, but now there is only one sky movies channel, the others seem to have dissapeared......this is really starting to piss me off logic to it what so ever.
@loady , follow satchmos guide and clear all the channel lists so you are starting with a blank canvas so to speak, do another scan (know it's a pain but) see what you get, for the missing channels do a manual scan on the freq that channels are on. This is where Neutrino can be a little bit of a pain but follow this advice and you should get sorted....

look on a channel that works > press 'info' so the epg appears > press 'red' > press 'blue' this allows you to see the freq something like xxx.750

make a note of this then exit back to TV. Now select 'menu' > service > service scan > select your cable provider > ENSURE BOUQUET IS SET AT CREATE NEW > select MANUAL and then enter the freq into the 'Frequency' field (to the right so the last figure of the freq is in the last box on the right) you dont need to enter anything into sym rate ensure qam is 64 etc now do another scan.

This should only scan 1 transponder and will create a new Bouquet for the channels found (normally 5 to 15) once the scan finishes exit to TV and then 'service' > bouquet editor then look through each one till you find (if any a channel that you didn't have) repeat a few times till you are sure you are getting everything (different freqs) then add channels to a NEW bouquet

NOTE skyM is often listed as sky_nopigXX where XX is a number, it's not always obvious. Plus as you probably know a channel that can be picked up will have info next to it in the bouquet editor.

I hope this helps

Also a GREAT tip with Neutrino is that when (and you will) get the channels sorted and you have created your own bouquet list use Flash Wizrd Pro to backup the WHOLE neutrino image, then this copy can be used on other boxes you might do in your area and it's a handy backup for you. Simply reflash a box with the backup, plug it in and yer off....
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Thanks for that clear and concise reply k-net....i have been bumbling along with your back up image and i am gradually getting thier, this info should help me get the rest of the way..............ideally i want to start from scratch, i dont follow how i start with a blank canvas....bouquetter seems to keep all the settings made from a previous bouquet but dont seem to add them when transferred.

When i get a fully working neutrino for myself i will post it up here.
Right, i can scan with this neutrino, its slow but i get all the channell, well i can at least change to them via the web interface....however, i cant seem to clear the bouquet in the picture attached, when i goto bouquet editer on the webface all the programs seem to be in seprate bouquets, these dont show up as bouquets on the there a file i can delete so i have the blank canvas, i have tried once already but i lost all channels and had to rescan, whats the file i need to be deleting that is holding the information on bouquets ??
loady if you plug box into tv and all your channels are in that bouquet or thats the only one then you cant delete it as there'll be no place for your channels ie you'd have to rescan. i always just use the box itself for editing bouquets create new and add channels it's easy to do. then you can use flashfxp or similar and back it to your hdd so it's there to go straight back on if needed