Netgear WG11 help please


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May 6, 2007
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Hi all

I have been trying for some time now to get the Netgear WG11 to work but it seems to be conflicting with the ethernet cable i have connected directly to my wireless modem/router

I am trying to use this on one desktop PC so that I dont need a ethernet cable going from it to the modem. It is picking up signal but when I go to Internet Explorer I get a message on the page which fials to display the webpage.

I go to diagnose to find out the problem and it says "WINDOWS HAS DETECTED that you are using a wired and Wireless connection" and it asks me to select one. I tried selecting the Wireless but it still doesnt work...

i have installed the right driver as i googled and found it

does it matter that im using a Netgear USB wireless adapter with my modem/router which is a Belkin one?


hi mate

i did but i removed the ethernet and restarted the machine but it still says the same thing??

Any ideas?
Be using and setting these up for years with no problems it is probably a basic setup issue, like zero wireless configuration so on.

So what pc are you using it on and what OS is on the PC?

What router are you connecting it to and who is your service provider?

Here are the details

My ISP is Talk Talk
I am using it on Windows XP Professional DESKTOP PC
Im trying to connect the Netgear WG11 Wireless Adaptor so it works with my Belkin wireless router/modem

What do you mean by Zero Wireless Configuration??

It picks up the wireless and connects but when i try to browse on the internet it gives an error?

any help would be appreciated?
Assuming you have connected the F5D7633 by rj45 you need to log in and set up the wireless features?

F5D7633 Wireless Setup

1. Type into your web browser address bar.

2. Log into the F5D7633 - default Username & Password is Admin and Admin.

3. Go to the Wireless tab.

4. The default SSID is set to - belkin54g - but you cna change this if you want (a must do if there are other belkin54g's displaying in your area).

5. For setup purpose make sure the Broadcast SSID box is ticked (once set up and connected you can uncheck this box)

6. You need to choose a network key and the best protection. Suggest you use WPA which requires a pre shared key of 8 to 63 characters to be set up. You can choose a key that is meaninful to you such as myfamilynetworkkey. Remember it has to be no less than 8 characters and memorable.

7. Once you have done thsi and your happy that all the steps are done and all settings are correct then save and exit.

WG11 Setup

1. Important to note you must install the software with the WG11 removed from the PC.

2. If you have already installed it then remove the software from the PC by add/remove programmes method and reboot the PC.

3. Install the software and when the program tells you to install the WG11 then only do so at that time. I seem to recall you install the S/W and the program instructs you to reboot the PC on finish of install. Once rebooted has be done then and only then do you plug in the WG11.

Connecting Wirelessly

1. Now you can unplug the RJ45 lan cable.

2. Connect wirelessly by clicking on the icon, if it is not already trying to connect itself and you will be asked which network you want to connect to, you should get a list of SSID's being displayed. Choose the one you named your SSID to be. Any others displaying are those who have unwisely not turned their SSID off!

3. Put in your SSID name and the password you decided to set for access to your network.

4. You should now be connected. to the net.

You can go back into the F5D7633 admin interface uncheck the Broacast SSID box so that it is no longer displayed and cannot be seen by others and should you loose connection ever then you aught to remeber what your SSID is. If not you can always log into the F5D7633 to see what it is.

Let us know how you get on or if you need further help.