net id for wickford and southend


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Nov 11, 2005
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hi, could someone please help me, im having trouble trying to find the net id and frequency for wickford and southend. im pretty sure they are telewest but not 100%, and im taking a samsung box from ex c&w to the above.will they work? box is a 2100. i would be grateful if anyone could help me. thanks. slipmatt1.
Southend is tw i think m8 yeah, Im not to sure about the sammy i havent played about with em that much tbh hehe i would think tho that u would need to change it to a tw box via a new dump on the chips?, I dunno 100% because im used to paces... so dont take ^ as gospel m8.

I just checked in the sticky for u cant see southend or wickford but i would take a guess that southend is 41050 still?
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