neep help with pace 4000 n Err20


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Dec 19, 2005
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Hi, I am prog'in a 4000 n it had a fun card in it before it got zapped by the killer. I done a new mosc card but when I turn the box on it stays for a longtime with NTL on the display of the box and then displays Err20. I then get a NTL on the TV screen and after that it seems to be tuening itself off. Any ideas?
something wrong with it tuning try change,n the simm m8 if you havent got one press down on it wile it boots
had some things the same on a pace 1000 mate, i had to push down the simm and push it out a little bit

worked fine then
i find that stickin a couple of shortened matches between the sim and the backplate works well to push the sim into a working position
Only problem is that 4000n has no sim so pushing or matchsticks won't help.
Err20 means the box can't scan for frequencies.

Make sure the frequency is set correctly, check the signal strength is OK and if all else fails then try pulling the red jumper as the problem could be with the NVRAM but you'll need to set the netid and frequency again after doing this so make sure you have a fun setid card ready to go.