need some pics of the 4001


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Oct 30, 2005
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firstly yes im a nooob here but am a current member of other forums where i do my best to help blah de blah de blah.

ok this is where im at

i have repaired a couple of boxes with the stuck on tune and pace etc but have a couple of stubborn ones left.
so i have stripped back a good working box and have one stuck on pace and one on tune stripped back, now i know the pace and tune boxes are not tuner, sim, amtel faults etc as i have tested all these in a working box so i know these are good tht leaves the main board.

now im no electrical engineer etc but im assuming 3 4001 boxes rigged up the same all on main feeds (lucky for me the green box is in my hedge) are going to be a ideal benchmark for testing. my idea is that i will go from the known good box recording voltages etc across caps etc and then see if the same applies to the two other boxes but this is where the problem begins where do i start what area of the board do i need to be looking in.

this is where i need some help there must be a member who has pics of the problem areas (yes i have searched and yes i have some but i also have conflicting pics supposedly showing the same areas!!! and also the wrong boards.....theres more misinformation than good ...

so help would be appreciated and also confirmation of info supplied.