Need Some Help from HGV Drivers


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May 9, 2001
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Essex, England
Guys & Gals I need some assistance from anyone here who may be an owner operator.

I need to try and find the costs of buying, & running a brand new HGV tractor & box trailer (approx 13.6m) here in the UK and in Belgiam.

I need to put a proposal together as part of my new role and include the likely costs.
I know you need a CPC & Op licence these are the little things but the cost of the vehicle itself is the one.

I've had a good old google and can't find too much.

Anyone here into haulage?
This site might help.

It's not for a tractor/trailer but it should help.

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Thanks Kris I got my tractor pricing from there. Now all I need is a trailer price and I'mm winning.

Cheers Dude