Need Code for Ford 5000 CD

I've fixed this, found some software on the net which done the trick

The reason why I discounted it all was that the 6 cd disk changer was not working

anyway took the cover off and the changer loads the disks but does not spin

does anyone know of any other compatable changers that work with a ford 5000CD ?

I did come across that and a lot cheaper than ford options

Think I might just get a new head unit which plays mp3's and has a sd or usb slot at the front

saw this at halfords for £89.99

Ripspeed DVD732B Single DIN 3" In-Dash DVD, MP3 CD Tuner from Halfords Was £199.99 Save £110.00 Price £89.99

but can't see the point in the 3.5 inch screen as the kids will not be able to see it and it looks a bit tacky
I replaced the head unit in my Fiesta, you can get a fitting kit to convert the Ford fitting to DIN standard including wiring harness, aerial adaptor and blanking plate off e-bay for around £20.

One thing I have noticed about the cheapo head units is they get REALLY hot and in summer I have difficulty playing CD's on mine. In the end I hooked up a 12v fan off a PC to get some airflow down there.
I'll bear that in mind but as long as it can play off a USB stick or SD card then shouldn't be a problem

But I think I'll end up with an entry level Kenwood or Pioneer