need code for blaupunkt

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Mar 16, 2005
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can some one help please need code for my stereo
dont which number to put down so put down wat on radio

blaupunkt type : car 300 (f)
no : 24 455 376
7 640 852 320
8 631 177 882
You will need to post the serial number engraved on the side of the unit. Should be something like BP1234X5678901.
As delambo says the Number should be engraved on side of unit....Dont think the one you posted is correct as format should be:

BP****X******* *=nums/letters
hi bud

hi bud that is the only one with numbers and letters wat i put before
please find below a short me if u need more help

Normally Blaupunkt serial numbers have a letter as the 5th character
after the BP. However, in some cases, this is replaced with a number, e.g.
BP63181. In this case you would ignore the 5th digit. An example would be
S/N BP631812345678, the number you would use is 3182345678.
A 1

A Last 10 Digits of Serial Number

B As A but +2 to last digit of code

If the radio you are decoding has a code that begins with a 0 or a 1 and the code you get is higher, try using the
next algorithm up. eg. ALG1 becomes ALG2 and ALG3 becomes ALG4.

With option C, the part No. is the one that starts with 76. eg. 7642852391. In this case you would use 852. The easiest way to remember is to ignore the first character and the use the middle 3 digits.

C Mid 3 of Part No. + Last 7 Digits of S/N
that makes no sense to me wat so ever sorry a bit thick !! lmao !!!
just need code for the radio plz
Can someone please give me the code for a Blaupunkt CD Radio?

The Serial number is: BP 216 2 21015799.

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