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May 2, 2005
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please can someone help me i am new to cable. i have just purchased Euro-Vox when i try to run the programme i keep getting a connection error i have tried all leads, all seem well. can you tell me what i need to start the process to get this going, in case i havn't got all the correct leads. i have connected to mains and connected a 9 pin Null modem lead i have got the D/L prog DnUpMan but i dont know if i have the correct flash file.

i hope this makes some sort of sense, like i said i am a new user

Hope you can help

all you need is the null modem cable connected to your box.
the software you require is here

make sure you have the right software, version 1 or 2 scart version, once you have downloaded it onto your computer browse for it using DnUpMan, then press download.
if you have any problems downloading the software pm me your email address and i will send it to you