Nbox 5800sx no video even on fta channels.


Mar 13, 2019
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Ive got an Nbox 5800 which ive just been using as a freesat recorder. The channel list was painful so Ive tried installing autobouquet maker, I used DCC to ftp the folder to the plugins directory but couldnt get it to appear in the plugins section of the nbox software. I used it for a few hours after this and it was all fine then the box crashed and needed restarting while i was trying to install picons/ skins through the nbox software. After the restart the remote seems not to be working and although i get video showing of the startup screen and all the osd/menus show up fine I just get a black screen on all the channels. The audio is playing fine just no picture.

Ive done a factory reset using the buttons on the box but it made no difference and yes ive tried new batteries in the remote. Have you got any suggestions?