Nano SE M2 plus CAID lists help


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Mar 28, 2011
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Viñuela, Costa del Sol, Spain
I am very new to Linux boxes so please be gentle!

I have the above box running Openvix 4.2.001 image.

I was given the box already set up so I am trying to get it to work exactly how I want it.

I have a cline in the box but it was only decoding Sky UK using caid 0963, as I have a multi satellite set up I needed it to decode everything.

Using a ftp editor I have managed to navigate to etc > tuxbox > config > oscam user
Which looked like this:
description = oscam
user = linuxsatsupport
group = 1
au = skyuk
caid = 0963
keepalive = 1

I changed the caid line to 098C,0963,0500,1810 and rebooted the box, so now I have Spanish, German etc as well.

Do I have to add all the caids that I want it to decode or is there an easier way?

I am use to the TM 5402 HD where you put your cline in and that's it!

Any guidance would be appreciated.
You dont need any ciad in the oscam.user file at all its optional and if you do use them it would only really be for load balancing and mapping purposes.
Have a look at these configs, use Notepad++ ( not windows notepad) to view/edit. Should be pretty straight forward.

You create another reader ( in the server file) and ensure that the user has access to the group.

Thanks to MasterG and co.


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I would suggest you try and learn from adding readers through the Oscam Webif not only will you know how to do it yourself without any aid from premade configs but you will also be able to troubleshoot easier as well