Network Provider N95 New phone + contract _ Open to suggestions


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Sep 10, 2005
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Hi Guys,

I am currently with the virgin network, and its the sim only, 300min + 300 txt.

I supplied my own phone, sony k800i, It only £10 a month, which is a fair price,
Virgin dont really offer any upmarket phones, and i would like to use the internet as well

I Really would like to get a new phone, and i fancy the Nokia N95, on 02.

£35 amonth , 600 MIN + 500TXT + USING THE FREE bolt on to get all internet for free (hope thats right).

and the phone flung in aswell.

My only concern is, with the Virgin network that i am currently with, i currently use my free cross network minutes, using
07744 number, to call my mate in australia for free.

is there, any other way with 02, or any other network (who offer the same sort of deal with the N95 ?), that i could do this ?.

Or, what about using the Skype, as you get free internet, can you make calls to Oz, doing it this way.

hope this make sense, & i look forward to your replys & suggestions