Phone Unlocking n80,wireless problem


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Mar 11, 2006
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i am not having a lot of luck with my n80 with getting it to work with my wireless network

my brother came up with his n80 and his is working fine with my network so it has to be something to do with my phone

the n80 will scan for a wireless network but will not show any which is odd as i have said my brother phone is working fine so is there some settiing on there that i have miss or is the phone F**** again as this is now my 4th n80

cheers for reading
how are you trying to connect to the network? using the easy wlan thing or manually defining?
i done it both ways m8 ,,i am starting to think that the phone is f**** time for a new one again only my 5th one now ,,what a crap phone
sorry for my late reply yep it been flashed with the upto date firmware just odd why it not working