my phone is lost !!!!


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Dec 11, 2006
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well, my phone was lost on a night out last night.. I get mobile insurance with one of my bank accounts.. phoned them this morning and the guy said that I had not registered the phone... pure gutted...

now I know its cheeky but see if I register a phone and make up an IMEI would it matter ??

help a brother out guys !! Im phone less :grayno:
Don't you have the old box lying about somewhere? Sure The IMEI number will be on there somewhere, just hope u dont get the same guy, not that it will matter if your registering a phone then loosing it the next day lol

The only other thing you could do is.....Dare I say it.....Buy a new phone?
cheers bigman.. I dont have the box anymore.. wifey throws the box of anything that gets into the house.. lol...

dunno if they have a way of checking if an IMEI is valid if I make one up and register a phone ???
Im not sure because mines is included in my contract but im sure it needs to be the right IMEI.

When you report it lost they block your phone using the IMEI number so it can't be used otherwise everyone would "loose" their phone and sell it lol

I don't know what they can do to tell thats its your number of the lost phone though.

If my phone gets barred in the next couple of days ill know the number you made up was mines lol.
pmsl... sure its gotta be a same make.. mine was a Nokia so if your is a Moto or a Samsung then your safe.. :)
ring your phone an if someone answers tell em u will give a reward if returned or u will get it locked if not
done that already mate.. surely whoever nicked it wont have it on .... guess it will turn up on Ebay.. lol.. need to keep an eye..
Check your house insurance you may have "away from home cover" ?

I think the network provider should have a record of the imei number from your contract ?