My HTC Desire has arrived!!


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Nov 30, 2005
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North Lanarkshire
woo hoo, all chuffed, looks and feels amazing, however i cant find out how to copy my contacts to it. lol. feel like a dummy! i can crack a dreambox in half, make a dbox do everything but make a decent cup of tea but i cant copy contacts from an old sim.

please excuse me while i sit in the corner with a silly hat on.... :Dunce:
I done mine the old fashioned way as it was not interpreting the format properly :(.

Had delimiters in the middle of names etc.
Your SIM might be different mine was quite old.

I didn't have many to add :(.
On the home screen press the button bottom left (circle with a trialngle)
Goto people
Press menu, press import/export, import options are in there.

btw its an incredible phone :)
Agreed, was a choice between this and the iphone & i've not been disappointed so far.
i bought a nexus one and while i do like it i prefered the desire :-(
I wanna desire or wildfire ......... lovely looking phones :) Well jealous of u lot with one : spank :
****, I didn't know Dial-a-Drink had 300 shops. ;)

Are those phones Linux mate?

lol, dial a bottle of buckfast as its known in coatbridge! dont know if its linux. i know it runs on android. you would need to google it bud.