Multiple extranets login advice PLEASE??


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Jul 23, 2005
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Morning All,

Am after some advise for a friend of mine who manages a few hotels.

I studied a bit of systems design and development at University but can't remember much about it anymore being such a loooooooooong time ago but I can recall that I used a prgramme called delphi then, to make applications that would work off a database and run over the web, my friend remembers this from way back in the day and so asked for my advice and help in making his life a bit easier for him, if possible?

Basically, he has allot of agent websites where he markets his companies hotel rooms, for example,,, etc....

Because he has so many, when he goes to update information about the room rates for these rooms on these sites, he has to individually login to each of the agents websites extranets one after another and do the needful, which you can imagine is a long and tedious process.

Anyone got any advice on how I may be able to develop a programme or write a script or something that may be able to help him in updating all of his agents sites at once??

He gave me an example of a company which does supply such a service but his boss is a cheapskate and can't afford to pay for such software, the site is

Finally he did mention that the agent sites are willing to provide API support, which I'm not fluent with but from googleing it, I assume this would be something that could be beneficial in this instance!

Any guidance, help and advice on the above would be great and much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your time and help.