Multi-channel sound card HELP!


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Dec 27, 2006
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i brought a mercury channel sound card

i have inserted it into my computer and tried to install it but it don't work

i go onto setup as told to then driver installation and im not sure sure from there

there are folders which are:



try this mate

right click on my computer go down to properties then click on hardware/deveice manager in that list if you have the sound card installed there should be a picture of a speaker with a question mark through it right click on that then press update driver ,that should open hardware update manager press no to the first bit then on the 2nd but click on install sofware automaticly click next and see if that finds it ,if it doesnt follow them steps again but this time on hardware update manager click on install sofware from a specific location pointing it to the sound folder on the cd rom.

if you get stuck and cannot do it give me a pm with your addy and ill help you further.

Please Help

thankz ever so much but its not working :((((

i found the setup then installed it and did what i was told in the manual but i don't get any sound at all!

they said not to do it the way you told me? SO i did it there way- no result
so i tried your way but it could not find anything

and when i go on device manager i see one called 'PCI Simple Communications Controller' and this is in other devices it is not in the sound section?

AND i see PCI related things in the system devices section

so what do i do i really want this to work! THANKZ
1st mate if u already had a built in sound card , before fittind it u sould disable the on board sound through the bios , if its another pci card uninstall the driver before installing the new card , if thats done , and the card is in correctly check the card and slot , turn ur pc on , u should get the new hard device screen coming up , put ur cd in let it load , if it doesnt auto start then just let it load go to device manager browse to the disk , usually D:/then just go through the folders on the disk , until u get to sound just open that folder and press ok , if that doesnt work , just choose the D:/ c does it pic it up from there , its important u clear the other sound card out of ur pc , if still having probs let me know
regards biffo
i stoped the built sound card from the bios but not sure about uninstalling the drives as then if this sound card don't work! would i be able to get it back

but i thought let me try again to get the drivers if anything works!

so i went to the setup and the picture says what message comes up

what do i do now????

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at a rough guess id say you have installed the wrong driver
on the installation disc you said there was a folder called audio how many different folders were inside this folder? as i beleive there may be more than sound driver in here as mercury made many sound cards and as with a lot of manufacturers they make one disc to fit all sizes
in the sound folder there were 2 other folders called


i installed the cmi8738 one because thats what it says on the manual thing!

but when i go on setup that keeps comming up
if its showing up in other devices then its definatley not installing the driver i wouldnt take it for granted that just because it says so on the manual that the one you are trying to install is the correct one as mercury are renowned for mis labeling things
One of my suppliers used to supply mercury components and to be honest i didnt think they were all that good quality so i stopped using them.