Mstar with cak7


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Jul 1, 2019
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@ all

where can get solution of Mstar with cak7 ?

Block Header: 00000097 and Block : 000008E3



Feb 14, 2018
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<< MStar >># ?

do Lzma for compress image

autoboot - Continue auto-boot flow

base - print or set address offset

bdinfo - print Board Info structure

boot_logo - Logo display

bootm - boot application image from memory

cmp - memory compare

coninfo - print console devices and information

cp - memory copy

cpmsbin - Copy ms bin file (Chakra) from nand to dram

crc32 - checksum calculation

cusid check the image is release by the valid guys

dcache - enable or disable data cache

draw_pixel - draw a pixel with color

draw_string - draw string with color

draw_rect - draw rect with color

draw_string - draw string with color

du - Disable UART

dynpart [<mtd-def>] - dynamically calculate partition table based on <mtd-def>/'dynparts' and BBT (it is better to set the last partition size to SIZE_REMAINING)

env2flash - read environment parameter file and restore it to flash

envbin - read out environment parameter and store it to usb disk

erase - erase FLASH memory

fatinfo - print information about filesystem

fatload - load binary file from a dos filesystem

fatls - list files in a directory (default /)

fatwrite - write binary file to a dos filesystem

flinfo - print FLASH memory information

go - start application at address 'addr'

help - print online help

loop - infinite loop on address range

md - memory display

mm - memory modify (auto-incrementing)

mstar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file

mtdparts- define flash/nand partitions

mtest - simple RAM test

mw - memory write (fill)

ustar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file

nm - memory modify (constant address)

osd_create - create osd layer

osd_destroy - destroy osd layer

pnlinfo - set panel info and save to nand flahs

printenv- print environment variables

protect - enable or disable FLASH write protection

reset - Perform RESET of the CPU

run - run commands in an environment variable

saveenv - save environment variables to persistent storage

set_paneltype [type] - Set Mboot panel type and store the type value in env

setenv - set environment variables

spi_create : create a partition

spi_dma - SPI copy data from flash to DRAM by PIU DMA

spi_ea - SPI erase all

spi_eb - SPI erase block

spi_gfo - SPI get flash info

spi_gr - SPI get Chip Rev

spi_id - SPI read ID

spi_in - SPI initialization

spi_part : list all partition info

spi_ptinit : init partition table

spi_r - SPI read commands

spi_rb - SPI read buffer

spi_rdc - SPI read code from SPI flash to DRAM

spi_rdc_p : read data from DRAM to SPI partiton

spi_rmgpt : remove all partition

spi_rs - SPI read status

spi_w - SPI write commands

spi_wb - SPI write buffer

spi_wp - SPI write protect

spi_wrc - SPI write code from DRAM to SPI flash

spi_wrc_p : write data from DRAM to SPI partiton

sspi - SPI utility commands

sysinfo - set system info and save to nand flahs

usb - USB sub-system

ustar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file

usbboot - boot from USB device

ustar - update kernal & root file system automatically by script file

version - print monitor version
Cau Adas

hamo barca

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Aug 17, 2019
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the pinout for uart mr adas run card irdeto and fun card and abrakadabra and etc......!


Dec 27, 2018
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all irderto card (different caid) all using HW paired, not easy run card by oscam (using surflock also)

nagra cak7 for Mstar CPU can't hack also, sure not solution for anynone


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Jan 22, 2017
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Do you know how to use a scope or logic analyzer? Its normally not that many connectors to probe ;)
i have already done with logic analyzer and nothing it talking to me thats why my question.
Can you adas please give me board version to compare with mine please ?