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Nov 30, 2005
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I am new to this and have sucessfully flashed my first box but after loading the services file for Scotland i dont seem to have all the available channels that are on Gavs next gen image. I.E. more4, itv3, itv4 and mutv. I have tried a service scan but i only seem to wipe all my channels. Can somebody point me in the right direction. I have also tried the very latest Gavs Keywelt V3 to no avail.
To prevent wiping all your channels, change the bouquet setting to "update existing" (its on the scan screen). It could just be that the channels arent broadcast in your area yet, or your signal is not strong enough to pick them up.

Perhaps somebody from your area could upload a services.xml file for you to try (if the channels ARE broadcast in your area). Which area are you?
north lanarkshire. I have changed to update the bouquet file but i think my CableUK was wrong. I have changed it to Sym6952 and have now picked up 18 transponders so far and its rising. Will this give me all available channels now?
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you cant recieve itv4 on telewest and more 4 on my box is up at about 270 odd ive got them in an order like the telewest box but i feel the bouquet im using is not fully uptodate which yours probably isnt either because the more 4 channel was right next to e4 on telewest box.