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Jun 18, 2005
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Just been looking at the test channels, 3310 and 8340, 10729, V, 22000, 5/6, and it looks like it may take up two channels, more4 and More4 + one hour, but will it be free to veiw using a freeview card or will it be part of the sky subscripton channels, as when i look at the test channels it tells you to contact your broadcaster to upgrade your subscription to receve this channel, and will it launch on time on sky, or are channel 4 and itv still in duspute over encrypton fees, i would have thought that by now that it should have been in the EPG on channel 165 also showing previews the same as freeview on channel 13, Mmmmm.

What happens if i pull this, and what happens if i push that. Lol: spook : :Devil:
More4, sky

Well More4 is now up and running on channel 165, but at the moment it is not free to view.:grayno: :Cry:
nasty people, they just changed their website to read that it will be subscription through sky and only free on freeview, same as E4. The channel is available on epg165 but valid sky subscription card needed.

Oh well, thats another flop channel millions wont be bothering with, very sad after their promises and advertising.
Mind you it's very nice of four to let us see the More4 preview at 19.55 on channel 4 ( CH,104) are they taking the p**s or what.:flame: :Mad2::Kickassro