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Jan 19, 1999
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as you can see we have not got any mods for this section yet, so basicly we are looking for members to run this section.... basicly mods need to be active have a good post count and be an inspiration to the other members

this decision will not be taking lightly as we have a good team already and we need to increase this team

im going to personally mod the emulators section but all any new mods will be under a trial and need to have a good grasp on consoles, moderators jobs are special on here you represent DW to the rest of the world and we are a big forum with alot of members so its a difficult job aswell!

if you are up for the challange give me a PM please.

Mickie D
i know where the on/off switch is does that count..........:):)
well I know a little more than them 2 coz I can load a game :Hit:
i know quite a lot on ps2 chipping and repair's as you can see in the recent posts that i have written, i do not mind taking over this job
Rat said:
well I know a little more than them 2 coz I can load a game :Hit:

ive just learnt how to load and play them too ner ner ner ner..............LOL
oh well thats me out then lol i can plug it in turn it on play a few games, done a few up grades in the passed.
oh and i got it out the box with out breaking it lol.

well sure you will find some one for the job some one must know more than us three lol
tlogic said:
wats the salary package? LOL:proud:
You don't get any holiday pay and have to work bank holidays ... lol

The Mod posistion for this has now been filled by Highlander I believe ;)
Highlander said:
and you believe correctly m8.

happy to help when and where i can

well get the kettle on its your turn to brew..;)
you gotta be kidding, i made the last 2 urns of brew tackle lol, must be someone elses turn
whats all this then-ya putting the new kid on tea duty already