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Jun 11, 2005
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Hi guys,

this is what ive done to modem atm

booted modem via netbooot

uploaded new hackware

rebooted modem

added new mac addr


it went online ok

is that all that is needed to be done ???

what precautions do I have to take apart from common sense, the only one ive seen in tutorials is about grabbing email an is it ok to leave the modem connected running idle untill it needed ?
Did you change the mac on network card or router? make sure you dont connect the sub modem to the spoof network card or router.
apart from that, I never use cc mailboxes....had mines on for over 2 years now and enjoying every minute of it......:)
I dont have a subbed modem only the tv package atm the nic has only ever been connected to the modem that hackware is installed on

do I need min subs on a bb connection aswell from them or is tv ok, my bros gettin a subbed modem from em when I cancel our current adsl