Modding in UK?


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Jun 16, 2005
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Hi guys been thinking of getting wii, But hate paying price of games.

Anyone know if the cyclowiz or the mods have surfaced in uk yet?

For experimental purposes only offcouse.

: laalaa :

Alright guys, yeah they have been in the uk for a while now. I personally have orderd a wiikey from the states just because it was available pre-order. I'm sure it wont be long before they are freely available here.
id like to know also please , after reding the posts there 2 chips available i think , any help would be appreciated
regards biffo
im liking the sound of this >>>>>>>>>>>>>.. Sophisticated (true) update mechanism via DVD (future proof, expect cool features to come)
Hi all..

My brother got his done last week. It was the Wiinja chip that the guy installed in it. I have seen it playing back ups so can confirm that as far as that is concerned it`s 100%. the chip itself is a Pic chip, with 5 solder point ( really easy ). Oh and make sure you get the version 2 wiinja chip as this covers both drive version in the wii at present.
cheapmods sell the winnja
Mr modchips will be selling the cyclowiz

I have fitted the wiinja, but the copies have to be same region raw dumps.
Not NTSC for pal machines.
So got me m8s Redsteel and rippped it using raw dump v2
fitted wiinja2 last week and works fine but i havent tried an ntsc game to check. fitted myself and wasnt too tricky to do either,make sure you use as thin a siolder iron as possible though as it can be a bit finnicky