Modded Xbox on live????

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Feb 10, 2006
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Hello all i would like some help please if possible.

I have a modded normal xbox not a 360 and would like to go on xbox live on pro evo 5 is this possible as my xbox is modded and if so is there any chance of getting caught.

Any help would be appriciated.

Mr P
Hi Mr P....prob a good idea to use search box m8 as this topic has been asked b4 im sure...
Hi i have a look on the forum and it says i depends on what software,chip i have i know i have got a evolution-x as thats what it says when it loads up?

Just been searching on the internet and found that if you want to play live u must turn your modd chip off but how do u do that i havent got a switch to turn it of and never had,I have never turned my chip off as i didnt know u could so what do i do next???????????????.

Mr P
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You wont be able to use xbox live but you can use something like xbconnect or xlink kai instead.
Pro Ev 5 does not support system link, only xbox live.

It sounds as if your Xbox has been flashed rather than chipped, so your pretty stuffed. If you have a chip installed you may be able to fit a switch onto it, but it depends on which chip.

If it's flashed you'll need to buy a legit box and use that instead for Xbox live. You can pick them up second hand for about £50
i have a duo-x fitted modchip on my xbox. there s two ways to turn it on, one with chip enabled one with chip turned off (to go on xbox live) with originals of course ;). might help to find out if urs is chipped or flashed. xbmc can tell you which modchip (if any) you have fitted