Mobile Giant O2 in £17.7bn Takeover


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Jul 11, 2005
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O2, once a part of BT, agrees a takeover bid from Spanish company Telefonica in a deal that could net investors £2 a share.

O2 jumped by 25% while the FTSE 100 Index added 2% or 100 points to top 5300 after Spain's Telefonica said it had agreed a takeover of the former BT Cellnet business that is the UK's second biggest mobile phone operator.

Analysts said the largest acquisition since France Telecom bought Orange in 2000 fuelled hopes of further multi-billion pound deals to mirror the tie-ups this year involving Allied Domecq and logistics firm Exel.
does that mean, me mobile bill will be going up.........?............

yeah probably...........

the rich get richer..........
O2 are second to Vodafone if they put prices up now they should have stayed in their original markets especially with the current Tmobile tarriffs
telefonica is a scary prospect for O2 customers. They are unbelievable rip-off merchants and get away with far too much in spain, and i'm talking cons and scams that would no way be allowed in the uk. But its still dodgy having telefonica with a hand in the uk, i say watch out for borderline advertising and tricks that end up costing you money :(, they have a bad reputation ppl.
£17.7 billion, WTF, i didnt knoe o2 was even worth that much.. i hope o2 give good tarrifs and LESS CHARGES,