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Apr 18, 2004
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I will start from the beginning.
This is a prodject I started at the begining of the year .
I have a pace DI4000-N (The boxkey is not in the database),which i wish to mod.

I have now got my Minidsk programmer back from Tailor made circuits ,Which has taken them 9 months to return to me ,as the first one would not work at all .

The first thing I need to check out is the minidsk programmer to see if it works .

The I need to know which is the best software for the above .

I have read the TUTORIALS Which at this moment in time just as well be hieroglyphics ,but I am not going to let that denture me .

But to start with I need to know if this programmer even works .

I have downloaded minidisk 2.6 ,and i don't want to f**k it up .

I have also purchased a jtag .

I did have all the software required and all the info stored on my old computer ,but sadly it is no longer with us RIP.

Any advice on the subject would be very much appreciated .:Cheers:

Ps sorry if this read like war and peace but this is all Tailor made circuits fault ,for taking so bloody long .