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Banned for good!
Jul 20, 2005
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Sorry to create a new thread, but you closed the last one without allowing any comeback.

Mozr was issued with a permanent ban whilst he was temporarily banned from DW.

What rules did he break on Digitalworldz

Don't you find this a little strange and unfair?
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No witchy because it was an staff decision while I was away, I am not going to judge there calls instead I will back them.

Sometimes things go to far on all parties, I will be the first one to admit I make many mistakes in the heat of the moment but if these guys are so wronged then fook me witchy I must be, and all the team really shit at what we do here.

But I do find it tedious to go over these things again and again when what is done is done.

What can we do witchy whats the point of going over it again and again mate?

@ dazza I do not think its needed to post things that are personal to a ex/member and not to the forums...
Fair enough Mickie, your reply doesn't explain anything TBH, but I know that you nor the Mods need exaplin any decisions and I respect that.

I rest my case.


BTW, Mickie, are you familiar with Darkman, he uses similar responses when quizzed over his own Mods actions. ;)
Exactly mate there is no need for explanation I just back the teams decision which any of you would do in my position.

And hey its not going to always be popular but that's life.

I am also closing this thread because its unnecessary to go over the same ground, if you want you can pm me about this I will try and explain better but I doubt it will be anything worth waiting for mate.

@ dazza if you do not like it here you know where the door is mate.

Your choice

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