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Mgcamd problems with a DM500c

Discussion in 'Dreambox Receivers (all models)' started by silverdale, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    I had a problem with my DM500C so I reflashed it with the latest Commando 15.1e but I cant get the mgcamd to work.
    I would say I'm quite converse with the setup so I FTP'd over the files

    newcamd.list & mg_cfg to var/keys
    mgcamd in the var/bin/emu attributes to 755
    libcrypto.so 0.9.7 to /var/lib/ give permissions 644

    changed the newcamd.list, restarted the cam but nothing. I even used my older 1.35a and files mg_cfg and mgcamd 1.35a and thats the same, nothing clears. It's totally baffled me as to why and 2 hours in I still can't figure it out. Is it anything to do with this newer 15.1e image ?
  2. silverdale

    silverdale VIP Member

    After 3 attempts I got a message saying the mgcamd was corrupt, used another now works

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