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Aug 10, 2001
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Guys i'm after a favour really. Great start to a post eh?

This years F1 season is almost here and myself & family are big fans (different teams though lol). Looking forward to some rivalry in the home but I wanted some nice new Mclaren Mercedes F1 merchandise :). Well cut a long story short ITS RUBBISH!!!! This years merchandise is now plain white with big vodafone crap, or the cap is just rubbish grey with hardly any branding- just a massive sponsor badge- Vodafone :(. If my 2 year old daughter makes one it would look better.

Now, if you support another team then you should complain anyway- try and cost mclaren/mercedes money & headaches haha. If you support mclarenF1 or you were looking forward to supporting Lewis Hamilton, or Alonso etc, then you definately have a reason to complain. Either way i am trying to get 100's of bad feedback so that they do something, and i'm sure many other supporters will too.

Please go here-_
and just write a quick message saying you wont be buying any merchandise this year because its such rubbish styling.... or similar words. Mention just how bad the caps look.

Ok, i might be wasting my time on this but i want to try, we may even get in the news ;).
Thanks & regards, lets hope for a great season.
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Left some bad feedback too, told them to get their caps sorted.

Had a quick look through some of the stuff, the prices are shocking!

£150 for an ugly silver jacket.
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much apreciated guys.
The prices are always high but you do usually get some decent branded stuff- splashed with mclaren mercedes. But this year its just ridiculous Vodafone products with a tiny mention of mclaren mercedes :(. I wont be buying anything and i think a few other fans feel the same. So I hope they sack whoever done the styling this year and get someone good to redesign the whole lot.
Thanks for your efforts anyway guys. If anyone else can do it too, it only takes a minute or less.
i didnt even look at the merchandise but i left them feedback saying it was crap any way.
just told them its rubbish an im not buying anything this year .it does look crappy methinks red bull looks better.
i left bad feedback then looked at the stuff,it bloody makes it look like your supporting vodafone not maclaren,im a b.a.r man myself
I just left some feedback saying their merchandise this years was shocking..... etc etc.

Hope that helps m8: multi :
red bull man myself used to be mclaren (following fellow jock coulthard) will leave feed back no probs!!
well just to say thanks again for your help ppl. There have been a few people i know that have all complained about the merchandise. I think because of the amount of people that have left negative remarks they have at last commisioned some new products.
I complained directly and now have personal email from Neil Riddell, who is the Merchandise Operations Manager at Mclaren, confirming there will be new products on sale sometime in April :). I know most here wont buy them anyway lol, but its the help that is apreciated because you have helped make a difference and made them listen ;) (lets hope they get it right this time). Good to know you can always find help on this forum!
Best of luck to all F1 teams & fans, its going to be a great season.