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Sep 28, 2005
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:BLOBBY: 1st I hope this is the right place to post this thread?
I have just aquired a matrix (Rev) cam, apart from here, are there any other places where I can find out more about what it doe's also what I can do to it to enhance the capabilities of my TM1500CI+?.
Hiya m8, welcome to digital world. There are a few sites similar to this that could help you out, but youd have to google search for them ;)

As you have a TM1500CI+ you would be better off patching your receiver, as far as i know (im sure someone will correct me if wrong) you will get everything with the patches (if not more) that you will with the cam, also a lot easier to update. I used to have a technomate 5500 with a matrix reloaded cam and now have a technomate 1000D with a patch and am getting more than i ever did

hope this helps a bit