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Oct 9, 2005
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teletubbie land
i wish to do a manual scan on my dreambox does anybody know where i can find out the srevice numbers for my area. i'm in south shields

cheers anyone who can help

Do a network search with the default frequency.
You get default frequency, symbol rate and qam from the service menue of your subbed box.
To post serial numbers is not a good idea. Erase that numbers and also the card number.
You need the engineer menue.
cheers mgb. does anybody know how to enter the engineers menue on a scientific atlanta 4200dvb? so i scan with my dreambox cheers
If you know one valid frequency and the symbol rate for your area you can also use a scan via ONIT and BAT.
hi mgb eventually got it to scan but and found a few channels. it found the likes of skymovies and living tv but no skysports,music channels of boomerang(for the bairn!) could shed any light on this?