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May 27, 2001
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Been to Rat's, have rash to prove it ;)
I don't know what to think, last season your were going to challenge the top 4 then king kev says don't expect anything while he is there for 3 years and now the chairman saying don't expect any money, lol.

Newcastle chairman Chris Mort says they club will not put their future at risk by overspending this summer.

Magpies boss Kevin Keegan claimed earlier this week that the club had no chance of breaking into the top four during his tenure because they could not compete with the league's big hitters.

Keegan also revealed that he did not know how much money would be made available to him for his summer transfer plans.

Mort insists the club will not push themselves into crippling debt in a bid to try and close the gap on the top four as he does not want to risk becoming "another Leeds" by spending too much money.

"We don't want to do a Leeds. It doesn't make sense," Mort told The Sun.

"This club had £100million-worth of debt which has now been cleared and it would be foolish to stretch it beyond its limits.

"I thought Kevin's comments were quite sensible.

"I'm not sure what people's expectations are but I don't think most Newcastle fans would be greatly surprised by what he had to say.

"There are those who are naturally optimistic but it does no harm to come out with some realism and say that if we get fifth we will have done well. He's right.

"I wasn't taken aback by Kevin's comments. He says what he feels. We have just come out of a relegation battle so you can't have people surprised when the manager says we aren't going to get into the Champions League.

"This is a long-term building project and we are very happy with Kevin.

"He's a very enthusiastic character who has got the team playing good football.

"We were disappointed to lose to Chelsea but he's got the team playing well."

Mort is adamant that Keegan will have the final say on Newcastle's transfer targets despite their extensive recruitment team.

"We have started talking about who we will be bringing in and Kevin will have the final say. He has to have that," added Mort.

"We are very happy with where we are but Kevin is quite right to say we shouldn't expect Champions League football.

"It's going to be tough for anyone to break into the top four.

"Someone might sneak in there occasionally and there are a number of sides who will have a go but it is incredibly difficult."


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Jun 4, 2005
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BITE! at least we have a plan! unlike somewhere else where I unfortunatley have the misfortune to pass on a regular basis.

BTW Carr & Rammage would do a job for you as I believe they're on a free.

Keegan is looking at things from the perspective of not over enthusing the fans even though we will do very well next season.

Keano Keano in the meantime is not happy with his purchases so of course question being, how much would you risk with his recent history.


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Oct 9, 2005
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teletubbie land
it wouldnt be impossible for us to break into the top 4 if ashley got his hand in his pocket....but tbh i think its wise that they wont overspend.

if abramovich pulled out(or got assasinated lol) of chelsea, they would be fooked and would certainly do a leeds as theres no way they could pay all them wages on only the just over 40k crowds.......also the same goes for the glazers at man u they have got man u into soo much debt its unbeleiveble and the same for liverpool.... i would much rather they took they're time and got up the league sensibly like arsenal.......just one thing tho.......our scouts are shit so that wont happen lol.

you never know ian we might try and sign ronaldinho from under your noses :roflmao: