macs for huddersfield available for trade


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Oct 12, 2005
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anybody wanting to trade macs in huddersfield area? i have gold , bronze, silvers... u name it i have it

trade only no free rides thanks

regards dave
Great first post ffs couldnt you say hello first an then post this in the correct thread
my apologies

my apologies to everyone for not following the usual rules... ive been out of this for quite some time....

so sorry...

ill behave in the future..

regards dave
kabzy mabzy said:
yes! you wuldnt wanna help any1 out would you???: grim :

who me?

if yu want a mac just ask.......

i dot mind helping anyone but i dont do free rides for people that aint willing to help themselves see...

regards dave
I want to trade.

Which gateway are you on? If we are on different ones, I can do the full scanning for you.