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Mac Trade need to be more efficient


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May 28, 2005
Hello There,

I am trying to find some macs in the TW area of Slough+Windsor.
I spent lot of time on the 2 mac trade post with hundred of posts in it.
Unfortunately I could not find any.

Has anyone some tele*est broadband mac adresses?

I got loads for NThell area of Reading Berks to swap or give it for free.

By the way can anybody advise me if a NTHell Reading-Berks mac address will work in the NTHell Watford-London area?

I assume that NThell will not work with TW but will if it is NThell even 100 kms far like Watford-Reading is.

I am wrong or right?



When using the mac trade threads you need to search the thread so type in Slough or Windsor into the search box an that'll show ya everybody who's posted a request fo that area then you can pm them.

EDIT: Bigballs OK sorry just done that and theirs no matches try using a wider search whats the nearest city to ya. I take it Slough & Windsor are towns?