Lottery syndicate.. would you be interested?

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Dec 3, 2006
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I am contemplating creating a lottery syndicate online. Would any members be interested?

These are the main points that each member would have to agree to or be able to do before they would be accepted into my syndicate. Obviously to take part you must be of age.

1: A syndicate agreement would be a must. You should be prepared to sign a hard copy and then post on by recorded delivery to another potential member.

2: A paypal account for weekly or monthly payment to my account. I will then pay the weekly full syndicate amount online. Proof of the payment to camelot would then be posted on this forum and also forwarded to each individual member each week by myself.

Obviously there is an element of trust involved, but by using the syndicate agreement and any other means possible (Suggestions welcome) I don't see why we can't make this viable.

I am going to limit the number of members to 20 for this intitial syndicate, but who knows, if there is enough interest we may be able to open further syndicates?

Anybody who is interested and can meet the requirements please pm me. If there is a lot of interest it's the first 19 members who pm me that I will allow to play.